'20 NCR Boys Smack Showcase Saturday, March 7 - Sunday, March 8 2020 in Winona, MN

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Event Info


Team Check-in

Unless otherwise stated, team check-in will be at the site director table in the playing facility at 7:00 am.  


Athletic Trainers

Typically, there will be no athletic trainer on site.  Teams should plan accordingly.



North Country Region sanctioned events allow the facility to determine the price of admission.  Many of the sites utilized by North Country Region are local schools who use the tournament as a fundraiser for their sports teams. 


Facility and Tournament Rules

Ball handling is NOT allowed outside of the gym spaces in the facility. Coolers and outside food and drink are NOT ALLOWED in the venue. Only water and sports drinks may be brought inside the facilities. Concessions may be purchased on-site.


No alcohol or weapons are allowed on or inside the premises. 


Violation of these policies or any other general misbehavior's may result in IMMEDIATE dismissal from the facility for the remainder of the day.


Foreign Teams

Click here Foreign Team Participation for more information.



Event Policy

This event is sanctioned and insured by North Country Region–USA Volleyball (NCRUSAV).



Acceptance into a North Country Region Tournament is first come, first served once all registration requirements are completed and is always contingent on space availability. To be accepted into a tournament, teams must satisfy the following criteria on AES: 


  1. Register for tournament on AES
  2. Submit online entry fee payment on AES
  3. Submit team roster on AES


Once a division is full, teams not accepted will be placed on a waiting list in order of registration and payment received.  Note – registration does not guarantee acceptance.


  • Accepted: team has paid entry fee and has submitted roster that has been approved
  • Waitlisted: team has paid entry fee
  • Pending: team has registered but has not paid entry fee

NCR-USAV reserves the right to combine similar age groups if registrations deem it necessary.


Format/Match Guarantee/Tie-Breakers/Awards

Each tournament will determine its own policies for these areas.  Refer to the tournament website for more information.


Cancellation and Refund Policies

If an event is cancelled, any unrecoverable tournament costs will be subtracted from tournament registration income first. The remainder will be refunded to “Accepted” and “Waitlisted” teams on a proportional basis.  “Pending” teams will receive no refund since no fees were paid


If a team wishes to withdraw from a tournament, the following refund schedule will apply:

-       Withdraw 4 weeks or more prior to the tournament – Refund of full registration fee less $20 non-refundable deposit

-       Withdraw 14-27 days prior to the tournament – Refund of ½ registration fee less $20 non-refundable deposit

-       Withdraw 0-13 days prior to the tournament – No Refund


Late Fees

Teams who register and/or pay after the registration deadline will incur an additional $30 fee. Please note that the AES late registration date listed below is the date at which the additional $30 charge will begin.


Housing or Stay to Save

Housing information will be given to PAID and ACCEPTED teams only. Utilizing North Country Region secured hotels supports local businesses that in turn support our volleyball community.  We recommend teams make their hotel reservations as early as possible.


Tax Exempt Organizations - Sales Tax Refund Process

- Pay online for all NCR tournaments at the standard event rate that is in AES
- Forward a copy of your organization's completed ST-3 tax exemption form along with your tournament payment receipt(s) to sandy@ncrusav.org
- NCR will refund your club for the sales taxes that were paid on NCR tournament registration fees

Roster Disclaimer

Team roster submissions must be completed through AES and are due no later than one week prior to the tournament.  All teams are additionally required to turn in a printed and signed copy of their AES team roster at the designated team check-in location at the time posted on the tournament's website. Once the AES team roster is submitted at check-in, no changes can be made and the roster will be considered frozen for the entirety of the event.  Any exceptions must be approved by NCR-USAV officials.


To participate in any North Country Region/USAV sanctioned event, AES team rosters must include:


  1. Eligible Coach: all eligible coaches must be a current USAV Member, have a current USAV-approved Background Screen, IMPACT Certification, and SafeSport Training.
  2. Minimum of six eligible Junior Players: All eligible Junior Players must be a current USAV Member.  All Junior Players that are 18 years old at the time of the tournament must have SafeSport Training.


            Optional roles on a team roster:

  1. Chaperone and/or Team Representative – eligible chaperones and team representatives must be a current USAV Member, have a current USAV-approved Background Screen, and SafeSport Training.
  2. Manager – eligible managers must be a current USAV Member and have proof of current IMPACT Certification and SafeSport Training.


How to Satisfy the Above Roster Requirements:

·         The first step is to become a USAV-North Country Region Member – go to www.ncrusav.org to register. 

o    A USAV-approved background screen is part of the registration process (if the individual is registering for a membership that requires a background screen).

·         Once an individual becomes a member of USAV, he/she will receive information on how to access SafeSport training and IMPACT certification.


We highly encourage that the contact information included on the roster is a coach on-site at the tournament as we use this information to contact the team for any emergency updates during the event.


An R1 is required for each match at all Region Rank tournaments.

Event Registration

Registration Dates
9/8/2019 - 3/7/2020
Late Registration Date
Roster for Entry
Not Required
Roster for Acceptance
Roster Deadline
Late Roster Deadline