2020 Cottontail Clash JVA Challenge Series Saturday, July 18 - Sunday, July 19 2020 in Cincinnati, OH

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Event Info


WHAT:  Cottontail Clash

WHERE: Duke Energy Convention Center, 525 Elm St. Cincinnati, OH

WHEN:  April 11-12 ,2020

DIVISIONS:  12’s-18’s

ENTRY FEE: $350.00 - Deadline for Entries March 28, 2020

FORMAT: Saturday Pool Play -Sunday Bracket Play- Depending on the number of teams per division. All matches will be best of 3 games to 25 with the deciding game, if necessary, to 15.

There is no cap. If there is a 3 team pool with a crossover they will play 3 sets to 25 points no cap.

ADMISSIONS: $12.00 per day; $20.00 for a two-day pass.

AWARDS: 1st and 2nd place medals for Gold, Silver and Bronze Division winner

HOTELS: We are a stay to SAVE event

Contact Diane Sessions for any hotel assistance

Email: Dsessions@webuildyouplay.com

Phone: (410) 202-2823

REGISTRATION:  Registration for this event will open in September 1, 2019. The deadline for entry is March 28, 2019 or earlier if capacity is reached. Registration for this tournament is

done on Advanced Event Systems.

OFFICIALS:   The tournament will supply officials for all courts and matches.

TIE-BREAKERS: There will NOT be any tie-breaking games played.  In the case of a tie, the teams will be ranked by head-to-head results in case of a 2-way tie, or in the case of a 3-way tie: set percentage, and then, if necessary, point percentage.

TEAM CHECK IN LOCATION AND TIME:  Check in will take place at the Duke Energy Convention Center, Friday April 9th, 2020. Late check- in is Saturday April 10th, 2020 at the Savannah Convention Center and MUST take place 30 minutes before your first match.

FACILITY RULES:  Due to the incidents in the previous years, there will be a NO TOLERANCE policy for misbehavior by players/teams and spectators in the venues. Ball Handling is allowed on the volleyball courts only. Coolers and outside food and drink are NOT ALLOWED in the playing facilities. Only water and sports drinks may be brought inside the facilities. 

Violation of these policies or any other general misbehaviors may result in IMMEDIATE dismissal from the facility for the remainder of the day.

Teams must provide their own practice balls.

ATHLETIC TRAINERS: There will be an athletic trainers available to tape and assist with minor injuries and serve as a first responder to more serious injuries.  

Athletes must provide tape and pre-wrap for any pre-existing needs.  Tape and pre-wrap are only provided by the tournament for emergency purposes.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Kelsey Stave  kstave@webuildyouplay.com 443-856-4386 


Event Policy


  • In order to be accepted into the event be sure to submit the following:

  1. Registration thru AES

  2. Submit your payment 

    1. PO Box 1906, Berlin, Md 21811

  3. Book your hotels*

  4. Fill out our housing survey

*Teams that do not use WBYP to reserve their housing will need to submit verified documentation from the accommodation in order to be accepted.  WBYP will need to verify its authenticity prior to your acceptance. If teams are renting a condo or private rental property, they must submit a signed copy of the rental agreement, which is also subject to verification prior to your acceptance.

  • Teams will be accepted based on the following criteria: date of registration, date of payment, date of housing survey completion.


  • WBYP must receive written notice of withdrawal at least 60 days prior to the start date of the event to be considered for a full refund.

  • WBYP must receive written notice of withdrawal at least 30 days prior to the start date of the event and a suitable replacement for the team(s) dropped must be found to be considered for a 50% refund.  If no replacement team(s) is/are found, the team(s) will not be eligible for a refund.

  • Teams withdrawing less than 30 days prior to the event start date are NOT entitled to a refund.


Roster Disclaimer

All rosters are due by 3/28/20. Rosters submitted after 3/28/20 will have a $50 late fee, which must be paid before the team will be allowed to participate in the event.


Please put Cottontail Clash on the memo line of your check

Event Registration

Registration Dates
8/23/2019 - 7/14/2020
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