M1 Training Center (1701 W 94th St, Suite 300, Bloomington, MN 55431) • NO GUM ALLOWED IN M1 TRAINING CENTER. • No chairs may be brought into the M1 Training Center. • Parking is in our property log in front or back. Cars improperly parked may be towed. • All bags and gear/player camp is in the court 5/team room. No bags in the concrete/lobby area. • The player/team camp area is court 5 only. The players may eat a light lunch or snack in the team camp area/court 5. No food or mess may be left behind on the court 5 camp area. Pick up. • The lobby is for spectators and guest. Not for teams.
Osseo High School (317 2nd Ave NW, Osseo, MN 55369) • Enter through Gymnasium doors • NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINK IS ALLOWED IN OSSEO HIGH SCHOOL. Players may bring in water in a non-breakable bottle only. Concessions are available within the facility. • Teams must provide their own warm-up balls.
Ralia Sports Center (8686 Valley Forge Ln, Maple Grove, MN 55369) • A small concessions area will be available serving items such as popcorn, candy, water and Gatorade. Outside food IS ALLOWED inside Ralia until the concession construction is completed. • The center aisle is for spectators and must be kept clear of clutter. Spectators are not to save or reserve seats for anymore than a couple minutes (to go to the bathroom, go to concessions, conduct a brief phone call, etc.). • All players must 'nest' in the areas behind the white boards. Upon entering Ralia, players should find the correct side,walk around the court surface and change into court shoes. Please lay gear bags neatly against the exterior wall or onthe shelves provided. Items left in the walkway will be moved.
Wayzata High School (4955 Peony Ln, Plymouth, MN 55446) • Concessions will be served at the Wayzata High School location by the Wayzata Area Youth Volleyball Association(WAYVA); proceeds go toward providing volleyball experiences for youth in our communities through items like additional equipment and reduced fees for those in need. Your support is greatly appreciated. Items available for purchase will include BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, loaded baked potatoes, fresh pizza, yogurt, muffins & cookies, fresh fruit, carrots with Ranch dip, pickle on a stick, Fruchi Fruit Smoothies, sports drinks & bottled water. • Food and drink are allowed in the gym. However, we recommend eating at the tables provided in the foyer whenever possible. Please keep the facility clean throughout the day. Teams should take a couple of minutes to clean their area before leaving. • Spectators – plenty of seating will be provided. However, if you elect to bring your own chair it MUST have rubber footings so as to not scratch the floor surface. • No ball handling is permitted in the hallways.
Westwood Middle School (711 91st Ave NE, Blaine, MN 55434) • Follow the blue signs to the athletics/gymnasium entrance. • No ball handling permitted outside of the gyms • Please be responsible and pick up your garbage from court area and camping area. • No Outside Food Allowed – full concession stand provided. • Teams must provide their own warm-up balls.
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