Rules at Mission Concepcion Sports Park (MCSP): Rules at Mission Concepcion Sports Park: Special Facility Rules for MCSP (strictly enforced): Mission Conception Sports Park does not allow ANY outside food or beverage on their property. This includes the parking lot, sidewalks, walking paths and the gym itself. Therefore, you may not tailgate, set-up a tent, or set-up any table on their property. Across Theo Avenue is the Mission Conception Park; you may set up tents and tables at the park. Filled commercial bottled water is also not allowed; please have your players bring an EMPTY bottle and the MSCP staff will be more than happy to fill it with water. Water stations will be available in the gym and the concession areas. MSCP Security will enforce these rules. In addition, at the entrance door will be an observer to halt all food and/or beverages from coming into the building. The facility reserves the right to search any and all bags suspected of caring food and/or beverages. No outside chairs are allowed. Bleachers are provided and you may certainly bring a stadium seat for comfort.
Mission Concepcion Sport Park (MCSP): Mission Concepcion Sport Park (MCSP) (714 East Theo Avenue, San Antonio, TX 78210) MCSP Website:,+San+Antonio,+TX+78210/@29.3857783,-98.4945882,20z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x865c58857dd561b1:0xe6e8a91a709492f3?hl=en
San Antonio College (SAC) Rules: San Antonio College (SAC) Rules: No food or drink (other than water) allowed inside the facilities. Please remember that it is a privilege to use these facilities and not a right. Park in only designated parking areas. The area immediately in front of the facility is for SAC staff as well as drop off and pick up. Those parking in this area are at risk of being towed or ticketed. Also, please do not set up tents in front of the facility as this has been deemed a fire exit hazard. All tents and/or chairs can only be set up around the corner to the left as you exit the main entrance. ***** Please bring chairs to sit on but ensure they remain on the blue tarp inside the gyms. *****
San Antonio College (SAC): San Antonio College (SAC) (1300 San Pedro Avenue, San Antonio, TX 78212-4299) Turn east on W. Park Avenue across from VIA Metropolitian Transit complex. Turn left into the parking lot just past the tennis courts on left.,+San+Antonio,+TX+78212/@29.4449422,-98.4985788,17.75z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x865c5f425ab7e3f5:0x6e886313182c5e79?hl=en ***** Please bring chairs to sit on but ensure they remain on the blue tarp inside the gyms. *****
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